Paper Conference

2022 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild co-organized by ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA


The Evaluation of a New Daylighting System's Energy Performance: Reversible Daylighting System (RDS)

Masoome Haghani, Behrouz Mohammadkari, Rima Fayaz

Abstract: This paper evaluates the energy performance of a new daylighting system, patented by the author, in a regular closed office space. The advantage of this new system as opposed to conventional venetian blinds is its rotating capability, which improves the energy efficiency of the space. Computer simulation method has been conducted to examine the performance of this new system on the south aperture of a closed-office space with 30% Window to Wall ratio (WWR) in three cities in Iran with different climate zones based on ASHRAE: Tehran (3B), Tabriz (4B), and Yazd (2B). The simulation has been implemented in Honeybee platform with EnergyPlus engine to simulate the combined total load consisting of heating, cooling, and lighting loads. To control lighting, a dimming control is applied to the space. The results of the study represent the benefits of the reversible daylighting system (RDS) over the state of the art venetian blinds to improve the energy efficiency of the space through just changing the location of the blind during heating/cooling demand time of the year.
Pages: 165 - 172