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2022 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild co-organized by ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA


Validation of IFC-based Geometric Input for Building Energy Performance Simulation

Veronika Richter, Avichal Malhotra, Eric Fichter, Anna Hochberger, Jérôme Frisch, Christoph Van Treeck

Abstract: Building Energy Performance Simulation (BEPS) plays a crucial role in planning energy-efficient buildings. For a BIM-based BEPS in EnergyPlus (E+), semantic geometric data can be obtained from IFC files. Within an automatic BEPS setup , incorrect IFC data often lead to erroneous E+ output files. Due to a persistent lack of visual validation tools, analyzing the errors related to input data syntax, semantics, and geometry of boundaries is cumbersome. Therefore, applying automated validation and correction methods, this paper presents a holistic BEPS-specific visualization and validation tool that considers (1) the input and output data and, (2) the transformation of IFC to E+.
Pages: 287 - 297