Paper Conference

2022 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild co-organized by ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA


A Life Cycle Decarbonization of Modular Building Solutions

Noah Klammer, Zoe Kaufman, Ankur Podder, Shanti Pless, David Celano, Stacey Rothgeb

Abstract: Off-site construction methods offer the opportunity to compress costs of net-zero energy housing using the advantages of mass production. Blokable, LLC, a vertically integrated modular builder, wanted to know how the learning curves of mass production would help them decarbonize their existing modular housing prototype at a relative cost advantage. The method developed for this question looked at the life cycle assessment of an individual apartment and used learning curve efficiencies to approximate the relative advantage of construction-at-scale. Greenhouse gas emissions were quantified by a learning-affected, whole life carbon emissions model and demonstrated a path to a 60% reduction of whole life CO2-equivalent in the 2030 production year. The resultant roadmap considers a ranked priority approach to decarbonizing a modular building product line, and the method can be replicated for other modular builders.
Pages: 326 - 335