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Proceedings of uSim Conference 2020: 2nd uSim Conference of IBPSA-Scotland


Potential macro-economic benefits of optimizing building renovation roadmaps towards 2050 on a city scale: A Belgian case study

Glenn Reynders, Ina De Jaeger, Guillermo Borragán Pedraz

Abstract: In this study, the Urban Energy Pathfinder (UEP) is used to evaluate the potential savings that can be obtained by scaling up energy and/or CO2 emission targets from the individual building level to the district or city level. Combining building energy simulation models with district level data, the UEP estimates the investment and operational costs needed to reach specific renovation goals. The software also computes energy and GHG emission savings, the total cost of ownership for an elaborate selection of building renovation measures and district heating solutions. This paper investigates a case study of three representative districts in Flanders. Results demonstrate that depending on the CO2 targets imposed on the district, total cost of ownership reductions of up to 65% can be obtained by prioritizing target buildings and measures rather than following a uniform renovation strategy.
Pages: 60 - 67