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Proceedings of uSim Conference 2020: 2nd uSim Conference of IBPSA-Scotland


Mapping the technical potential and cost effectiveness of energy retrofits in Oxfordshire

Rajat Gupta, Matt Gregg

Abstract: Within the context of the UK government’s commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050, £2 billion Green Homes Grant scheme was announced in July 2020. As millions of existing homes across the UK need energy improvements, both homeowners and energy suppliers (under existing obligation) need the support to quickly identify the most appropriate and cost-effective retrofit measures for single and multiple dwellings. To address this challenge, this paper describes the application of a data-driven geographical information system-based approach to spatially identify suitable dwellings quickly and accurately by mapping and modelling baseline energy use and potential for energy retrofit measures in select neighbourhoods in the towns of Didcot and Abingdon in Oxfordshire. All 669 dwellings modelled were built between 1950-1965. Since single measures tend to ‘lock-in’ dwellings for low energy performance, measures were aggregated into two different packages to encourage bulk installations and drive down installation costs. House-level energy assessment in the selected areas showed that a whole house retrofit package, comprising an extensive fabric upgrade, heat pumps, heating system upgrade, and solar PV resulted in energy reductions up to 92% and energy bill savings up to 76% at an average capital cost of £23k per retrofit. Identifying suitable dwellings for energy retrofits rapidly and spatially can support the take-up of the national Green Homes Grant Scheme.
Pages: 156 - 163