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Proceedings of uSim Conference 2020: 2nd uSim Conference of IBPSA-Scotland


Assessing the ability of roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) canopies to support electric vehicle (EV) charging in cities

Nick Kelly, John Allison, Graeme Flett, Jon Hand

Abstract: This paper reports on an analysis of a proposed EV charging hub at a city centre car park in Glasgow Scotland, equipped with a 200kWp roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) array and buffering battery. Specifically, the ability of the PV plus battery to mitigate the impact of EV charging on energy networks and the environment was assessed. The car park performance was simulated over a calendar year using building simulation and supporting tools. The analysis featured a range of vehicles using the hub (10 - 500) and a range of supporting battery sizes (0-500kWh). The results indicated that supporting batteries of 10kWh or less, increased the utilisation of PV generated electricity and decreased the electrical energy exchanges with the grid. Larger batteries produced marginal gains in performance. With a load of less than 100 vehicles using the hub, peak power imports from the grid reduced with increasing battery size; battery size had a minimal effect above this load level. Peak exported power reduced with increasing battery size if more than 200 vehicles used the hub. Below this load level, the number of vehicles and battery size made a minimal difference. In operation, the PV and battery-supported-hub was carbon neutral or carbon positive when servicing up to 200 EVs.
Pages: 196 - 203