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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Theoretical and Experimental Study of Foliage Heat Transfer Model and its Application in Urban Outdoor Environment

Weichi Jiang, Naiping Gao, Qibin He, Yutong Li

Abstract: Foliage can significantly improve the outdoor thermal comfort in residential communities. However, quantitative study on the cooling effect of foliage on outdoor environment is still insufficient so far. In this paper, a comprehensive foliage heat transfer model was developed. Meanwhile, field measurements were conducted in Jiading Campus, Tongji University, Shanghai, China to verify the model. The calculated foliage surface temperature and soil temperature showed good agreement with the measured data. When using the transient foliage heat transfer model on two consecutive summer days in Shanghai, it was found that the foliage surface temperature was greatly impacted by the solar radiation intensity and evapotranspiration. The calculated average foliage surface temperature was 1.8 ᵒC lower than the air temperature and 5.9 ᵒC lower than bare ground temperature. Finally, the foliage sub-model was integrated with CFD simulation to study the outdoor thermal environment of Jiading Campus, Tongji University. It showed good agreement with the experimental results. The foliage exhibited important effects on ameliorating outdoor thermal environment and mitigating urban heat island.
Keywords: foliage heat transfer model; urban heat island effect; outdoor thermal environment; coupled CFD simulation
Pages: 251 - 258