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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2014: 2nd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


A Study on the R-values Calculation Methods of Reflective Insulation

Jeong Min Choi, Yeojin Kim, Yeonseon Kang

Abstract: Recently reflective insulations are widely used at the buildings in Korea because of construction convenience and time-saving. Reflective insulations consist of one or more low emittance surfaces attached to a supporting material such as foam or plastic film. However, the major part of the thermal resistance obtained using a reflective insulation is derived from reflective air spaces within a building component. To understand the characteristics of thermal resistance of reflection type insulation in building, the influence of factors(for examples, distance of air space, mean air temperature and air temperature difference between boundary surfaces of air space) on the thermal resistance values will be investigated and analyzed. Therefore, this study will review the basis and theories for the evaluation of the thermal resistance(R-values) of an enclosed air space with reflective insulation and develops the program Function of R-value calculation for enclosed single reflective air spaces using Microsoft Visual Basic language. Finally validations are made with ASHRAE table and program function calculated values.
Keywords: Reflective Insulation, Thermal Resistance, Energy Conservation, Layer of Air Space
Pages: 419 - 426