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Proceedings of ASim Conference 2016: 3rd Asia conference of IBPSA-China, Japan, Korea


Modeling of central ground-source heat pump system in EnergyPlus

Daeho Kang, Heejin Cho

Abstract: One of the effective ways to utilize geothermal energy in a central heating and cooling system for large-scale buildings is to make use of a central ground-source heat pump system (CGSHP) that consists of a series of chiller-heaters based on an irreversible vapor-compression cycle and a dedicated valve control system. The CGSHP system mixes fluids from the evaporator side and condenser side of the individual chiller-heaters. The mixed fluid flowing through either evaporator side or condenser side can be connected to the ground source water loop. These special features enable the central system to operate in a number of modes, providing simultaneous cooling and heating. This paper focuses on modeling this unique system in a whole building energy simulation program, EnergyPlus. It discusses approaches to address challenges in implementing the proposed model into the existing EnergyPlus program. It demonstrates input requirements to adequately model the performance of individual chiller-heaters and the central system. The simulation results from a case study are presented in this paper to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed model.
Keywords: Heat pump, EnergyPlus, Simulation, Heat recovery, Chiller