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Proceedings of BauSim Conference 2010: 3rd Conference of IBPSA-Germany and Austria


TRNSYS 17: Neuerungen und Anwendung der IEA Bestest Multi-Zone non-airflow in-depth diagnostic cases MZ320 – MZ360

Christian Frenzel, Marion Hiller

Abstract: In the new release of TRNSYS 17, the existing multi-zone b uilding m odel h as been extended to include the det ailed m odeling of 3-di mensional energy t ransport by radi ation and thermal stratification (Aschaber, J. et . al, 2009). Thereby, the accuracy to m odel external shading and solar radiation distribution within zones i s si gnificantly improved while errors and user effort are not ably reduced. Particularly, the new release of TRNSYS 17 has been validated with a h igh q uality test suite. These published validation procedures can serve t o identify different problems in simulation software: modeling and codi ng errors, m issing feat ures and frequent sources of user confusi on. C omparative revi ews of previous tests serve as the basis to assess the current state of development. This paper bri efly descri bes the new detailed radiation model of TRNSYS 17. The authors applied the test suite of IEA BESTEST m ulti-zone nonairflow in-depth diagnostic cases (Neymark, J. et. al., 2008) to TRNSYS 17. The t ests focus on interzonal conduction heat transfer, m ulti-zone shading including building sel f shadi ng and i nternal windows. The results are compared to the originally tested simulation programs, i ncluding t he previ ous version TRNSYS 16. The modeling differences wi th respect t o TR NSYS 16, the experiences with the new release, and selected results are presented in this paper. The resul ts of TR NSYS 17 si mulations agree very well to resu lts o f other participants. Reported modelling erro rs an d m ost m odelling d ifficulties of previous versi ons are sol ved by t he new detailed models.
Pages: 396 - 402