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Proceedings of BSA Conference 2017: Third Conference of IBPSA-Italy


Cooling Energy Needs in Non-Residential Buildings Located in Mediterranean Area: A Revision of the Quasi-Steady Procedure

Roberto Bruno, Natale Arcuri, Cristina Carpino

Abstract: With the Italian Interministerial Decree of 25 June 2015, the evaluation of the cooling energy requirements for residential and non-residential buildings has become mandatory. In Italy the UNI TS 11300-1 is the reference standard for the calculation of cooling energy requirements, by integrating the quasi-steady models of the international standard EN ISO 13790. The Italian standard takes into account some corrections in order to obtain even more precise results, but the deviances are still evident for nonresidential buildings equipped with large glazed surfaces. Therefore, these models have to be calibrated further for Mediterranean climatic characteristics because the results are still discordant with those obtained by dynamic simulation codes. With reference to Mediterranean climatic conditions, a new correlation to use in the quasisteady calculation procedure, derived from summer gain utilization factors, is proposed. The latter were calculated by means of TRNSYS simulations, varying the percentages and the typologies of the windowed surface and the time constant class of a reference non-residential building. The main factors causing the divergences in the results were identified and a proper calibration of the quasi-steady procedure contextualized to the summer Italian climatic conditions is proposed, in order to obtain cooling requirements closer to those provided by TRNSYS.
Pages: 293 - 300