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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2012: 1st Conference of IBPSA-England


Evaluation and Optimization of a Swedish Net ZEB – Using Load Matching and Grid Interaction Indicators

Björn Berggren, Joakim Widen, Björn Karlsson, Maria Wall

Abstract: Net Zero Energy Buildings, Net ZEBs, is one of many necessary measures for climate change mitigation as they may reduce the energy consumption in the building sector. The Net ZEB interacts with a grid infrastructure. It is therefore important to consider the interaction with the grid in the design phase. This paper reports an evaluation of a proposed design of a Net ZEB in the south of Sweden evaluating load matching and grid interaction using simulated data sets with hourly resolution. The aim was to find a design with as high load matching and as low grid interaction as possible. The results show difficulties of achieving a high load matching between the building load and on-site generation, due to the Nordic climate and the relatively low loads during daytime, when the availability of solar energy is high. The building is likely to accomplish the goal of a Net ZEB balance. If higher flexibility is sought, a larger energy storage should be considered.
Pages: 285 - 292