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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2018: Fourth Conference of IBPSA-England


Evaluation of Temperature Dependent Models for PV Yield Prediction

Wei Liao, Yeonsook Heo, Shen Xu

Abstract: This paper investigated temperature-dependent models in predicting PV yield. Seven different models based on different approaches (i.e., constant temperature, physicsbased and statistical methods) are summarized and compared through a case study of Wuhan area in China. The case study shows the limitations of using the constant temperature approaches. The case study reveals that a constant PV cell temperature specified in NOCT is much higher than those predicted by the non-constant methods for all walls and roofs in the studied area. As a result, NOCT substantially underpredicts the PV yield. Another constant temperature model, STC, yields the PV power prediction in good agreement with the nonconstant methods but over-predicts the PV power during the summer time. The case study also shows significant difference in the PV cell temperature prediction due to the choice of the model, but relatively smaller impacts on the PV output power.
Pages: 237 - 243