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Proceedings of BSO Conference 2020: Fifth Conference of IBPSA-England


The Impact of Baseline Wall U-Value on Energy Performance of Solid Wall Insulation

Mahsa Seifhashemi, Hisham Elkadi, Richard Fitton

Abstract: Solid wall dwellings are in high energy demand and need to be treated by energy retrofit measures such as internal wall insulation (IWI). U-value is the key parameter for energy saving evaluations. There are uncertainties about the U-values of solid wall properties in literature which has led to under/over estimation of IWI performance. So, this paper investigates the energy performance of IWI pre and post insulation for Salford Energy House (SEH), the replica of a pre-1919 Victorian solid wall terraced house. IES-VE was used to develop a model for SEH and the model was validated against the collected experimental data. The base line solid wall U-values were changed between 0.64-2.48 W/m²K to assess the benefits of insulation for different solid walls. The results showed that annual heating energy saving varies significantly depending on the base line wall U-values ranging from 19% to 46.2%. The cost saving potentials as a result of energy saving varied by £228 per year between the cases with lowest and highest base line wall U-values. Furthermore, thermal comfort (18°CPages: 309 - 316