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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Pre-design tools and procedures for efficient integration of smart windows

Jean-Michel Dussault, Louis Gosselin

Abstract: In this paper, design tools are proposed to architects, engineers and other building professionals involved in the pre-design stage of a project, in order to facilitate the integration of smart windows into the envelope. Smart window technologies can influence the building energy performance and the occupants’ visual comfort. Therefore, it is of prime importance for building professionals to possess sufficient tools and knowledge to evaluate properly the pros and cons of smart windows. One of the aspects complicating the analysis is that the overall performance of smart windows is largely influenced by how they are operated, and by a variety of parameters such as the building features (thermal mass, etc.), the occupants, etc. A numerical model was developed to simulate the dynamic modeling of a zone, with a façade occupied by a smart window, and was coupled to an optimization toolbox to determine the optimal control of the opacity. This work thus helps to gain a better understanding of how smart window opacity states and their control affect the overall energy performance of buildings. Finally, modeling strategies as well as preliminary control guidelines to assess energy performance of buildings with smart windows are proposed based on this analysis.
Pages: 688 - 700