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Proceedings of eSim 2014: 8th Conference of IBPSA-Canada


Study of different glazing modelling approaches in assessing energy performance of curtain wall systems using EnergyPlus

TC Lam, Hua Ge, Paul Fazio

Abstract: Six glazing modelling approaches are available in EnergyPlus, including the Full Spectral Method, the Average Spectral Method, the WINDOW Report Method, the Bi-directional Scattering Distribution Functions Method, the Refraction Extinction Method, and the Simple Window Model. A simplified approach provides predictions with assumptions which affect the quality of prediction. The trade-off between the ease of operation for users and the fidelity of model poses the difficulty in selecting the appropriate approaches. This paper suggests selecting an appropriate approach based on three criteria: computational cost, ability to reproduce consistent results and uncertainty. A base model of the perimeter zone in a typical office building in Montreal is created in EnergyPlus. The variation of energy consumption due to varying fifteen glazing units is predicted using six glazing modelling approaches. The uncertainty of the six modelling approaches is quantified. The advantages and limitations of each modelling approach are discussed.
Pages: 817 - 830