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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2004: 1st conference of IBPSA-USA


A Simulation Tool for the Optimization of Advanced Facades

M. A. Lehar, L. R. Glicksman
Building Technology Laboratory, MIT, Cambridge, MA

Abstract: We present a multipurpose simulation tool designed to evaluate the energy performance of doubleskinned facade systems in comparison with conventional windows. The method used for estimating energy consumption consists of two separate simulations, a heating/cooling energy model and an electric lighting energy model. The heating/cooling model is explained in this paper. The simulation program in which the model is embedded is designed to return results in real time, and contains engineering assumptions intended to make the interface simple for lay users to master quickly. Previous simulations of double-skin facades have generally focused on the local properties of the window, such as its U-Value and solar transmission, without accounting for the impact on the ventilation strategy of the building as a whole. This tool simulates the performance of DSFs in the context of a whole-building analysis.
Pages: 1 - 8