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Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2012: 5th conference of IBPSA USA


Thermal and Mechanical Systems Descriptors for Simplified Energy Use Evaluation of Canadian Houses

Anil Parekh, Chris Kirney
CanmetENERGY – Ottawa, Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, ON Canada
2 Office of Energy Efficiency, Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, ON Canada

Abstract: For a quick and reliable energy evaluation of houses, one needs simple energy analysis software. A key requirement for simplified inputs is to have default data for house geometry, thermal and equipment characteristics based on vintage, type and region in which the house is located. Using data collected from more than 634,000 homes, statistical representative archetype data sets were developed for 35 climates zones and eight vintage periods. Representative numerical approaches were applied to develop archetype house characteristics. These data libraries are integrated with energy simulation software to assist in defining required defaults for geometry, building envelope and equipment. These defaults then provide guidance for a energy advisor to check against actual house data. Comparative energy analyses showed that the archetype characteristics are useful in quick field surveys.
Pages: 279 - 286