2020 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild co-organized by ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA

Virtual September 29- October 1,2020

Modeling the Load Flexibility Potentials for Ice Energy Storage
Karl Heine, Paulo Cesar Tabares-Velasco, Ryan Meyer, Michael Deru
Data-Driven Predictive Control for Commercial Buildings with Multiple Energy Flexibility Sources
Anjukan Kathirgamanathan, Mattia De Rosa, Eleni Mangina, Donal P. Finn
Evaluating Facility Energy Efficiency and Resilience Opportunities with FEDS and MCOR
Robert Dahowski, Sarah Newman, Varun Sood, Travis Douville
Characterization of Connected Lighting System Potential for Grid Services Under Real-Time Pricing
Peng Wang, Michael R. Brambley, Michael E. Poplawski, Michael Myer, Jianming Lian, Robert G. Lutes, Sen Huang, Alex Vlachokostas
A Framework for Delivering Energy Efficiency and Decentralised Energy Generation Projects to Tackle Fuel Poverty and CO2 Emissions in Cities
Javier Urquizo, Carlos Calderón, Philip James
Buildings-to-Distribution Network Integration to Enable Voltage Regulation Considering Renewable Energy Resources
Hannah Fontenot, Krishna Sandeep Ayyagari, Bing Dong, Nikolaos Gatsis, Ahmad Taha
Optimal Efficiency and Operational Cost Savings: A Framework for Automated Rooftop PV Placement
Rawad El Kontar, Xin Jin
Towards a Standardized Framework for Thermal Resilience Modeling and Analysis
Ted Kesik, William O'Brien, Aylin Ozkan
Machine Learning Based Optimization Approach for Building Energy Performance
Aslihan Senel Solmaz
Using Simplified Geometry Model to Improve Energy Modeling Efficiency and Reduce Cost
Yiyuan Jia, Fred Betz
A Common Language to Design Carbon Neutral Projects by 2030
Tommy Zakrzewski, Mike Brown, Kyleen Rockwell
Daylight Availability and Occupant Visual Comfort in Seattle Multi-Family Housing
Guanzhou Ji
Challenging Conventional Approaches for Climate-Based Daylight Simulations of Multi-Unit Residential Buildings
Terri Peters, Noor Alkhalili, Ted Kesik, William O'Brien
The Solar Heliodon: Physical Simulation of Dynamic Daylighting Conditions in Scale Architectural Models for Subjective and Objective Human-Factors Evaluation
Kyle Konis
A Framework to Simulate the Non-Visual Effects of Daylight on the Cognitive Health of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) People
Nourhan Elsayed, Tarek Rakha
Spatial Daylight Autonomy Imprecision Correlated to the Increased Application of Daylight Driven Design
Kyleen Rockwell
Modeling and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Zero Net Energy Homes in California
Sang Hoon Lee, Max Wei, Tianzhen Hong
Assessing Resiliency and Passive Survivability in Multifamily Buildings
Lisa M. White, Graham S. Wright
A Generic Energy Flexibility Evaluation Framework to Characterise the Demand Response Potential of Residential Buildings
Adamantios Bampoulas, Mohammad Saffari, Fabiano Pallonetto, Eleni Mangina, Donal P. Finn
Optimal Operation for Resilient Communities through a Hierarchical Load Scheduling Framework
Jing Wang, Kaitlyn Garifi, Kyri Baker, Wangda Zuo, Yingchen Zhang
Evaluation of an Evolving Housing Stock: Scenarios Towards Its Decarbonisation
Gustavo Sousa
A Building Envelope Characterization Workflow for In-Situ Thermal Performance Assessment
Tyler Pilet, Tarek Rakha
Diverse Occupancy Simulation and Presence Sensing Viability for Residential Thermal Energy Regulation: Review and Initial Findings
Tarek Sherif, Tarek Rakha
Review of Non-Destructive Techniques (NDTs) for Building Diagnostic Inspections
Yasser El Masri, Tarek Rakha
Numerical Investigation of External Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient for Buildings in Different Land-Use Class
Anwar D. Awol, Girma T. Bitsuamlak, Fitsum A. Tariku
Impact Analysis of Personalized Thermostat Demand Response
Kunind Sharma, Michael Kane
A Novel Approach to Modelling Air Flow Through Operable Windows in High-Rise Multi-Unit Residential Buildings Using Energy Plus
Jamie P. Fine, Marianne F. Touchie
Efficient Computation of Surface Sunlit Fractions in Urban-Scale Building Modeling Using Ray-Tracing Techniques
Xuan Luo, Yu-Hang Tang, Tianzhen Hong
A New Calculating Method of the Effect of Natural Ventilation Control in Office Buildings with Buoyancy Driven Ventilation
Kei Shimonosonol, Kimiko Kohri, Hisaya Ishino
ARINet: Using 3D Convolutional Neural Networks to Estimate Annual Radiation Intensities on Building Facades
Jung Min Han, Chih-Kang Chang, Ali Malkawi
Verification of ANN Solar Radiation Prediction Algorithm for Real-Time Energy Simulation
Hany Gaballa, Soolyeon Cho
Design and Development of a Decentralized and Distributed IoT Home Monitoring System Within a DC Nanogrid
Jonathan Ore, Eckhard A. Groll
High-Level Model Articulation with Buildingsync and OpenStudio
Cory Mosiman, Nicholas Lee Long, Tobias Maile, Katherine Fleming, Christopher CaraDonna
Towards a Standard Climate Data Model for Building Design and Analysis
Sagar Rao, Parag Rastogi
URBANopt: An Open-Source Software Development Kit for Community and Urban District Energy Modeling
Rawad El Kontar, Ben Polly, Tanushree Charan, Katherine Fleming, Nathan Moore, Nicholas Long, David Goldwasser
Live BIM for Capturing Dynamism of Physical Spaces, Occupants and Assets Through Linked Data
Arash Hosseini Gourabpasi, Mazdak Nik-Bakht
Energy and Ventilation Performance Analysis for CO2-Based Demand-Controlled Ventilation in Multiple Zone VAV Systems with Multiple Recirculation Paths
Xing Lu, Tao Yang, Zheng O'Neill, XiaoHui Zhou
A New Detailed Model of Wood Pellet Boilers
Timothy McDowell, Khaled Yousef, John Siegenthaler, Thomas Butcher
Deriving Simulation Parameters for Storage-Type Water Heaters Using Ratings Data Produced from the Uniform Energy Factor Test Procedure
Jeff Maguire, David Roberts
Effect of Geometry and Operational Parameters Over the Dehumidification Performance of a Desiccant Coated Heat Exchanger
Ming Qu, Thomas Pablo Venegas, Kashif Nawaz, Lingshi Wang
Seasonal Performance Simulation of a Gas-Fired Chemisorption Heat Pump for Residential Heating in Cold Climate
Zhiyao Yang, Ming Qu, Kyle R. Gluesenkamp
A Rewarded-Project Story from Japan: Comfort vs View in a Fancy Glazed Atrium
Yasin Mohamed Ibrahim Idris, Nakagawa Hiroaki, Hajime Iseda, Nagata Takuya, Xu Tianshu, Kuniaki Ando, Kunihiko Fujiwara
The Case for Multicriteria Annual Sunlight Exposure Guidelines
Belal Abboushi
Development of a Fast Prediction and Interactive Design Method of Visual Comfort for Indoor Multisport Facilities Based on AcceleradRT Real-Time Simulation Feedback
Lingling Li, Yu Li
Modeling and Simulation of a Campus Living Building: A Case Study in Uncertainty Analysis and Stress Testing
Tanushree Charan, Sol Haroon, Godfried Augenbroe
Improving Model Calibration Methods: A Case Study Application of Incorporating IEQ with Energy
Nishesh Jain, Esfand Burman, Dejan Mumovic, Michael Davies
Empirical Validation of Multi-Zone Building and HVAC System Models Under Uncertainty
Qi Li, Ralph T. Muehleisen, Piljae Im, Jaewan Joe
Ranking Energy Influential Parameters - How Building Type Affects the Parameters' Influence
Rafaela Orenga Panizza, Mazdak Nik-Bakht
Simple Building Calculator
Chitra Nambiar, Reid Hart
Calculating Fenestration System U-Factor, SHGC, and VT Using Partially Automated Workflows
Sarah Rentfro
Shaping High-Rise Towers to Meet BC Energy Step Code
Haobo Liu, Andrea Frisque, Jeanie Chan, Bowen Xue, Oscar Valdes
Research on Guidelines for Window Design Strategies in High Performance Office Buildings
Qinbo Li, Jeff Haberl
A Modeling Framework for Engine-Neutral Automation of Building Analysis and Compliance Reporting
Eric Niemeyer, Sagar Rao
Energy Analysis of Steam Distribution System Using a Physics-Based Model: A Campus Building Case Study
Behzad Saliman Rizi, Akram Syed Ali, Christopher Riley, Brent Stephens, Mohammad Heidarinejad
Future Meteorological Year Weather Data from IPCC Scenarios
Brett Bass, Joshua New
Impact of Soil Temperature Variation on Performance Modeling of a Novel Shallow Bore Ground Heat Exchanger
Liang Shi, Ming Qu, Xiaobing Liu, Mingkan Zhang
Effective Strategies for Reducing Plug Load: Results from a Field Study Conducted at Two of the Largest US Banks
Andrea Lieberman, Robert W. Cox, Benjamin Futrell
Study of the Whole Building Energy Use Inverse Modeling Performance through Support Vector Machine Regression
Shinwoo Lee, Juan Carlos Baltazar
Water Treatment Technologies in Whole Building Energy and Water Models
Fred Betz, Sarah Balz
Masterplanner: A Central Utility Plant Design and Optimization Tool
Te Qi, Pouya Rezazadeh Kalehbasti
Lifting the Garage Door on Spawn, an Open-Source BEM-Controls Engine
Michael Wetter, Kyle Benne, Antoine Gautier, Thierry S. Nouidui, Agnes Ramle, Amir Roth, Hubertus Tummescheit, Stuart Mentzer, Christian Winther
Development of Baseline Building Energy Models for the Advanced Occupant-Centric Building Control Research in the Various U.S. Climates
Zhihong Pang, Yan Chen, Jian Zhang, Zheng O'Neill, Yulong Xie
Application of Deep Learning in Generating Desired Design Options: Experiments Using Synthetic Training Dataset
Zohreh Shaghaghian, Wei Yan
Decentralized Approach to Multi-Zone Grey-Box Modeling for Model-Based Predictive Control
Jaewan Joe, Borui Cui, Piljae Im, Jin Dong, Kuruganti Teja
Demand Response Assessment Tool: A Cloud-Based Simulation Tool for Rapid Assessment of Demand Response Potential in Commercial and Institutional Facilities
Benjamin Futrell, Madison Wynn, Eric Tate, Robert W. Cox
Comparing the Performance of Optimization Methods Used for Building Design and Optimal Control of Building Systems
Afshin Faramarzi, Parastoo Delgoshaei, Brent Stephens, Mohammad Heidarinejad
Occupants' Comfort at Urban Scale: Analyzing Citizens' Opining Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Farzaneh Zarei, Mazdak Nik-Bakht
Investigation of the Potential Benefits of Optimizing Building Element Placement Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Nastaran Shahmansouri, Rhys Goldstein, Farhad Javid, Alex Tessier, Simon Breslav, Azam Khan
BIM-CFD Integrated Sustainable and Resilient Building Design for Northern Architecture
Muna Younis, Meseret T. Kahsay, Girma T. Bitsuamlak
Large Scale Modelling of Wind Comfort and Safety Using 'Pedestrian Comfort Analysis' - A Cloud-Based App for Architects
Sandip Jadhav, Vijay Mali, Praveen Kumar Ramachandran, Chaitanya Rane
Outdoor Thermal Comfort (OTC) in Human Interaction-Based Studies: An Overview of Reviews
Zahida Khan, Rahman Azari, Brent Stephens
Integrating Layout Geometry with Architectural Requirements to Achieve Energy-Efficient Office Buildings in Egypt
Hebah Moanis Hatem, Mai Alaaeldin Karram
Evaluation of Rammed Earth Assemblies as Thermal Mass Through Whole-Building Simulation
Pragya Gupta, Dana Cupkova, Lola Ben-Alon, Erica Cochran Hameen
Education of Passive Systems in the US Architecture Schools: from the Conceptual Level to the Levels of Simulation and Calculation
Mehdi Azizkhani
Parametric Sensitivity Study in Design of Double Skin Facades for Large Space Buildings in Cold Regions of China
Siyu Cheng, Gang Liu
Using Parametric Simulation & GIS to Design a Stormwater Solution for a Chinese Sponge City
Christopher Drew, Patrick Keeney, Xi Yi
Data-Driven Local Area Energy Framework for Modeling Domestic Heat Electrification
Joey Aoun, Carlos Calderón
Large Scale Post-Simulation Data Processing and Visualization for Building Energy Analysis
Junru Shen, Jeanie Chan, Andrea Frisque
Urban-Scale Energy Modeling: Scaling Beyond Tax Assessor Data
Joshua New, Mark Adams, Eric Garrison, Brett Bass, Tianjing Guo
Extract Useful Information from Building Permits Data to Profile a City's Building Retrofit History
Wanni Zhang, Tianzhen Hong, Xuan Luo