2022 Building Performance Analysis Conference and SimBuild co-organized by ASHRAE and IBPSA-USA


ISBN: 978-1-955516-21-1

Chicago, Illinois September 14-16, 2022

Using Illuminance Ranges and Target Areas to Analyze Daylight in Multi-Dwelling Units
Guanzhou Ji, Azadeh Sawyer
Speeding up Annual Daylighting Simulation Using NumPy
Nathaniel Jones
Energy and Daylight Simulation Analysis of an Innovative Horizontal Skylight System Incorporating a Bi-directional Scattering Distribution Function (BSDF) Prismatic Optical Layer
Mohammad Salamati, Wayne Place, Curtis Fentress, Masoome Haghani
Building Envelope Optimization for Future Climatic Demands by Simple-Box Model Energy Simulation
Mitra Azimi, Juan Carlos Baltazar
Development of a Battery Capacity Sizing Tool for Optimal Sizing of Residential-Scale Backup and Microgrid Systems
Maya Hazarika, Kate Bren, Charles Upshaw
Multi-scenario Extreme Weather Simulator Application to Heat Waves
Daniel Villa, Juan Carvallo, Carlo Bianchi, Sang Lee
Evaluation of the Thermal Resilience of a Community Hub
Aylin Ozkan, Joel Good
Numerical Investigation of Thermal Comfort of a Thermally Active Student Desk (TASD) in a Virtual Domain of Historic S.R. Crown Hall Building
Lobna Mitkees, Mohammad Heidarinejad, Brent Stephens
A Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for the Assessment of SARS-CoV-2 Aerosol Dispersion inside a Grocery Store
Mingkan Zhang, Prateek Shrestha, Xiaobing Liu, Jason Degraw, Dustin Schafer, Nathan Love
Using CFD Model to Assist Safe Evacuation Analysis and Means of Egress Evaluation in Adaptive Re-use of Historical Large-space Building
Xiaolei Chen
Simulation-based Control of Natural Ventilation with Operable Windows: Transformation from Predictive Control into Reinforcement Learning Control
Wei Zhang, Ali Malkawi
Direct Integration of Flexible Photovoltaic with the Wall: A Simulation Approach to Determine Panel Performance
Dariusz Heim, Anna Wieprzkowicz, Dominika Knera
Performance of Energy Activated ETICS Applied in the Urban Environment of Street Canyons
Dominika Knera, Dariusz Heim, Anna Wieprzkowicz
Large Scale Simulation to Investigate the Residential Envelope Trade-offs for High-Efficiency Equipment and Renewables Based on 2021 IECC
Victor Salcido, Yan Chen, Zachary Taylor, Yulong Xie, Benjamin Taube, Michael Rosenberg
Improving Residential Building Simulations Through Large-Scale Empirical Validation
Benjamin Park, Scott Horowitz, Noel Merket, Dave Roberts
Predicting Building Envelope Construction from In-Situ Thermal Testing
Tyler Pilet, Tarek Rakha
The Evaluation of a New Daylighting System's Energy Performance: Reversible Daylighting System (RDS)
Masoome Haghani, Behrouz Mohammadkari, Rima Fayaz
Using Measured Building Energy Data to Infer Building Characteristics for Urban Building Energy Modeling
Brett Bass, Evan Ezell, Joshua New
Data-Driven Machine Learning Model Performance of Real Annual Natural Gas Consumption in Residential Buildings
Matthias Van Hove, Marc Delghust, Jelle Laverge
Derivation of Comparative Variables for Energy Model Calibration Using a Data-driven method
Hye Kim, Sun Kim
Infomorphism: An Urban Planning Framework for Local Renewable Energy Integration
Fengqi Li, Kristen Schell, Haolin Yang, Alexandros Tsamis
Optimal Sizing of Integrated Community Energy Systems Considering Equity Constraints
Christoph Gehbauer, Yulun Wu, James Brown, Michael Sohn
Evaluating the Impacts of Weather Forecast Inaccuracy on Performance of Model Predictive Control for Dynamic Facades
Peter Grant, Christoph Gehbauer
Incipient Sensor Fault Impacts on Building Performance Through HVAC Controls: A Pilot Study
Yanfei Li, Yeobeom Yoon, Yeonjin Bae, Piljae Im, Sangkeun Lee
Evaluating the Performance of Chiller Plant Efficiency Using Random Forest Model: A High-Rise Building Case Study
Behzad Rizi, Mohammad Heidarinejad, Gregory Pavlak, Vincent Cushing, William Hederman
Potential Heating Energy and Cost Savings of Dual Fuel Heat Pump Controls as a Residential Building Equipment Retrofit in the U.S
Yeobeom Yoon, Yanfei Li, Piljae Im, James Lyons
Development of Demand Response Control Schedules of Heat Pump Water Heaters for California Residential Code Compliance
Aaron Boranian, Ben Larson, Bruce Wilcox, Paul Kintner, Neal Kruis, Charles Barnaby, Scott Criswell
Algae Bio-reactive Building Envelope: Dynamic Lighting and Energy Aspects for Algaebased Building Skin
Jingshi Jingshi
Modeling, Simulation and Evaluation of a Double-Sided Hydronic Layer Embedded Opaque Climate-Adaptive Building Envelope
Youngjin Hwang, Amogh Wasti, Theodorian Borca-Tasciuc, Justin Shultz, Luigi Vanfretti, Alexandros Tsamis
Validation of IFC-based Geometric Input for Building Energy Performance Simulation
Veronika Richter, Avichal Malhotra, Eric Fichter, Anna Hochberger, Jérôme Frisch, Christoph Van Treeck
Operational Carbon Emission Factor Literature Review
Nathan Vader
Heuristic Urban-scale Life Cycle Assessment of Districts to Determine Their Carbon Footprints
Maximilian Schildt, Johannes Cuypers, Avichal Malhotra, Maxim Shamovich, Jérôme Frisch, Christoph Van Treeck
Realistic Estimation of CO₂ Emission Reductions Due to Building Retrofit
Yingli Lou, Yunyang Ye, Wangda Zuo, Yizhi Yang
A Life Cycle Decarbonization of Modular Building Solutions
Noah Klammer, Zoe Kaufman, Ankur Podder, Shanti Pless, David Celano, Stacey Rothgeb
Development of an Occupancy Schedule for OpenStudio Prototype College Building Model
Yeonjin Bae, Yeobeom Yoon, Sungkyun Jung, Mini Malholtra, Piljae Im
ASHRAE Standard 140 Weather Drivers Test Suite: Results Analysis
Timothy Mcdowell, Ralph Muehleisen
Comparison of a Variable Refrigerant Flow Heat Pump Model in Cooling Mode to Data from ASHRAE HQ
Aziz Mbaye, Massimo Cimmino
Data Center Chiller Plant: Simulation-based Comparative Control Design Case Study
Milica Grahovac, Paul Ehrlich, Jianjun Hu, Michael Wetter
An Automated Approach for Quality Checking Early Design Phase Building Energy Models
Brett Horin
Reflections on the Adoption of Building Performance Simulation in Architectural Education
Jonathan Bean
From Plug Loads to Breaker: Sub-metering a Cross Laminated Timber Building to Calibrate an OpenStudio Model
Gabriel Flechas, Paulo Tabares-Velasco, Gabe Fierro
Empirical Validation of Whole Building Energy Simulation Program under Free-Floating Conditions
Hyojin Kim, Elizabeth Scacifero, Minkyeong Park, Piljae Im, Lisa Ng, Brian Dougherty, Vance Payne
Operating and Certifying a Net Positive Energy Building During a Pandemic
Jung-Ho Lewe, Sehwan Oh, Efe Yarbasi, Hyun-Woo Kim, Joshua Brooks, Scott Duncan, Sungil Hong, Yoon-Jun Jung, Ramana Koti
Decision Support Framework for the Retrofit of Public Buildings for Energy and Carbon Reduction
Rashmi Baliga, David Gilles