Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2008

3rd Conference of IBPSA-USA

Berkeley, California, USA July 30 – August 01, 2008

Simulating the Impact on Buildings of Changing Climate - Creation and Application of Ersatz Future Weather Data Files
T. Lee, D. Ferrari
Lessons from an Advanced Building Simulation Course
Godfried Augenbroe, Jason Brown, YeonSook Heo, Sean Hay Kim, Zhengwei Li, Scott McManus, Fei Zhao
Development of New Self-Comparison Test Suites for EnergyPlus
Michael J. Witte, Robert H. Henninger, Drury B. Crawley
Identification of Building Model Parameters and Loads Using On-Site Data Logs
Thomas L. McKinley, Andrew G. Alleyne
Energy Modeling for Measurement and Verification
Linda Morrison, Renée Azerbegi, Andy Walker
The EnergyPlus UFAD Module
Qing A. Liu, Paul F. Linden
A System Level Simulation Model of SOFC Systems for Building Applications
Kwang Ho Lee, Richard K. Strand
Using Spark as a Solver for Modelica
Michael Wetter, Philip Haves, Michael A. Moshier, Edward F. Sowell
Testing and Validating an Equation-Based Dynamic Building Program with ASHRAE Standard Method of Test
Shui Yuan, Zheng O'Neill
Building and HVAC System Simulation with the Help of an Engineering Equation Solver
S. Bertagnolio, G. Masy, J. Lebrun, P. André
Specification of an Information Delivery Tool to Support Optimal Holistic Environmental and Energy Management in Buildings
James O'Donnell, Marcus Keane, Vladimir Bazjanac
A Modular Building Controls Virtual Test Bed for the Integration of Heterogeneous Systems
Michael Wetter, Philip Haves
Federation Tower Moscow - Different Room Climates Under One Roof
Oliver Baumann, Claudius Reiser
CFD and Daylight Simulation Calibrated with Site Measurement for Waiting Hall of Shanghai South Railway Station
Yiqun Pan, Gang Wu, Fujun Yang, Zhizhong Huang
Simulated Performance of Solar Domestic Hot Water Technologies in New York State
Andrew McNamara, Jeffrey Perlman, Richard Perez
An Enhanced Sequential Search Methodology for Identifying Cost-Optimal Building Pathways
Scott Horowitz, Craig Christensen, Michael Brandemuehl, Moncef Krarti
Comparative Simulation of a High Performance Building with EW4-DOE2.1E and EnergyPlus
Zhen Tian, Wei Tian, James A. Love
Simulation of Off-Grid, Off-Pipe, Single-Family Detached Residences in U.S. Climates
Mini Malhotra, Jeff Haberl
Validation and Parametric Analysis of EnergyPlus: Air Flow Network Model Using CONTAM
Spencer Dutton, Li Shao, Saffa Riffat
CoolVent: A Multizone Airflow and Thermal Analysis Simulator for Natural Ventilation in Buildings
Maria-Alejandra Menchaca-B., Leon Glicksman
The Role of Wind in Natural Ventilation Simulations Using Airflow Network Models
Joel Good, Andrea Frisque, Duncan Phillips
Potential and Limitations for Hydronic Radiant Slabs Using Waterside Free Cooling and Dedicated Outside Air Systems
Timothy Moore
Bracketing Residential "Net-Zeroness" During Design Stage
Rohini Brahme, Gregory Dobbs, Thierry Carriere
Tqm Approaches to Incorporating Simulation into Residential Energy Retrofit Programs
Chris Balbach, Greg Thomas
DIN 18599 - Accounting for Primary Energy New Code Requires Dynamic Simulation
Claudius Reiser, Ruth David, Markus Faigl, Oliver Baumann
Simulation and Model Calibration of a Large-Scale Solar Seasonal Storage System
Timothy P. McDowell, Jeff W. Thornton
Effective Early Collaboration Between Engineers and Architects for Successful Energy-Efficient Design
Thomas White, Mitchell Dec, Dana Troy, Brian Thornton
Development of a Simplified Simulation Tool for High Performance K-5 Schools in Hot and Humid Climates
Piljae Im, Jeff S. Haberl
Visualizing Pedestrian Comfort Using ENVI-met
Akram Rosheidat, Dan Hoffman, Harvey Bryan
A Scalable Lighting Simulation Tool for Integrated Building Design
Yi Chun Huang, Khee Poh Lam, Gregory Dobbs
Modeling of Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) Systems
Tom Webster, Fred Bauman, Fred Buhl, Allan Daly
Development of a Simulation Toolkit for the Selection of High-Performance Systems for Office Buildings in Hot and Humid Climates (Phase I: Calibrated Simulation of the Case Study Building)
Soolyeon Cho, Jeff Haberl
Demeter - A Green Building Plugin for SketchUp
Neil Finlayson, Malcolm Murray, David Maciver, James Morrison, Murdo Morrison, Donald Macdonald, Donald Macaskill, Donald Macritchie, Ioannis Rizos
Energy Design Plugin: An EnergyPlus Plugin for Sketchup
Peter G. Ellis, Paul A. Torcellini, Drury B. Crawley
COMFEN a Commercial Fenestration/Facade Design Tool
Robert J. Hitchcock, Robin Mitchell, Mehry Yazdanian, Eleanor Lee, Charlie Huizenga