Proceedings of SimBuild Conference 2006

2nd Conference of IBPSA-USA

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA August 02-04, 2006

Experience Testing EnergyPlus with the IEA HVAC BESTEST E300-E545 Series and IEA HVAC BESTEST Fuel-Fired Furnace Series
Michael J. Witte, Robert H. Henninger, Drury B. Crawley
Using EnergyPlus for California Title-24 Compliance Calculations
Joe Huang, Norman Bourassa, Fred Buhl, Ender Erdem, Rob Hitchcock
Simulation Model for Energy Performance and User Comfort Evaluation of Atrium Buildings
Özgür Göçer, Aslıhan Tavil, Ertan Özkan
Simulation of Double-Skin Facades for Hot and Humid Climate
Matthias Haase, Alex Amato
A Library of HVAC Component Models for Use in Automated Diagnostics
Peng Xu, Philip Haves, Dimitri Curtil
Automated Multivariate Optimization Tool for Energy Analysis
Peter G. Ellis, Brent T. Griffith, Nicholas Long, Paul Torcellini, Drury Crawley
A Multiple-Building Optimization Scheme Based on Statistical Building-Load Models
Leslie K. Norford, Hai-Yun Xing
Implementation of an Earth Tube System into EnergyPlus Program
Kwang Ho Lee, Richard K. Strand
The Simulation of a Renewable-Energy-Powered Hydrogen-Based Residential Electricity System
Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Maria Mottillo, Alex Ferguson, Hajo Ribberink, Libing Yang, Kamel Haddad
Methodology for Analyzing the Technical Potential for Energy Performance in the U.S. Commercial Buildings Sector with Detailed Energy Modeling
Brent Griffith, Drury Crawley
A Scenario Analysis of Retrofit Strategies for Reducing Energy Consumption in Norwegian Office Buildings
Lisa A. Engblom, Leon R. Glicksman, Leslie K. Norford
Evaluation of Demand Shifting Strategies with Thermal Mass in Two Large Commercial Buildings
Peng Xu
Development of Methods for Determining Demand-Limiting Setpoint Trajectories in Commercial Buildings Using Short-Term Data Analysis
Kyoung-ho Lee, James Braun
Evaluation of Methods for Determining Demand-Limiting Setpoint Trajectories in Commercial Buildings Using Short-Term Data Analysis
Kyoung-ho Lee, James Braun
A Statistics-Based Method for Hourly Solar Radiation Estimation
Huang Zhizhong, Pan Yiqun
A Calibrated Computer Model for the Thermal Simulation of Courtyard Microclimates
Amr Bagneid, Jeffrey Haberl
Performance of High-Performance Glazing in IECC Compliant Building Simulation Model
Jaya Mukhopadhyay, Jeff S. Haberl
Evaluating Fenestration Products for Zero-Energy Buildings: Issues for Discussion
Dariush Arasteh, Charlie Curcija, Joe Huang, Charlie Huizenga, Christian Kohler
Energy Simulation of a Double Skin Facade: A Process Using CFD and EnergyPlus
Alexandra Pappas, Zhiqiang Zhai
A Model for Naturally Ventilated Cavities on the Exteriors of Opaque Building Thermal Envelopes
Brent Griffith
Analysis Process for Designing Double Skin Facades and Associated Case Study
Ian Doebber, Maurya McClintock
Building as a Learning Tool: Facility Management and Simulation in the Classroom
Steve Morlino, Rodney Williams, Edward Brzezowski
Using Simulation Tools in a University Laboratory Course: Assessing the Performance of a Health-Care Center in Lusaka, Zambia
Leslie K. Norford
The Energy Performance of the Cold-Formed Steel-Frame and Wood-Frame Houses Developed for Thailand
Prechaya Mahattanatawe, Charunpat Puvanant, Darunee Mongkolsawat
Low Energy Cooling Technologies for Sub-Tropical/Warm Humid Climate Building Systems
Ashfaque Ahmed Chowdhury, Mohammad Golam Rasul, Mohammad Masud Kamal Khan
An Analysis of Building Envelope Upgrades for Residential Energy Efficiency in Hot and Humid Climates
Mini Malhotra, Jeff Haberl
Whole-House Energy Analysis Procedures for Existing Homes
Robert Hendron
Validation of a Multi-Zone Model with Integrated Energy Equation and Impact of Thermal Mass Modeling Methodology
Jinchao Yuan, Leon R. Glicksman
Advances on the Coupling Between a Commercial CFD Package and a Component-Based Simulation Program
Diego Arias
Radiant Slab Cooling: A Case Study of Building Energy Performance
Zhen Tian, James A. Love
Radiant Slab Cooling: A Field Study of Occupant Thermal Comfort
Zhen Tian, James A. Love
The Application of Building Energy Simulation and Calibration in Two High-Rise Commercial Buildings in Shanghai
Yiqun Pan, Zhizhong Huang, Gang Wu, Chen Chen
Modelica Versus TRNSYS - A Comparison Between an Equation-Based and a Procedural Modeling Language for Building Energy Simulation
Michael Wetter, Christoph Haugstetter
The MIT Design Advisor - A Fast, Simple Tool for Energy Efficient Building Design
Bryan Urban, Leon Glicksman
Qualitative Archi Bond Graphs for Building Simulation of People Behaviour and Energy Variation
Jerry Jen-Hung Tsai, John S. Gero
Using Video for Analyzing Daylight Simulation Tools
Daniel C. Glaser, F. Whitney Smith, Barb Cutler
IFC to CONTAM Translator
Mangesh Basarkar, Muthusamy Swami
Natural Ventilation Measurements and Simulation at Two Milwaukee Nature Centers
David E. Bradley, D. Michael Utzinger