ASHRAE & IBPSA-USA SimBuild 2016: Building Performance Modeling Conference

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA August 10-12, 2016

A Bayesian Network Model for Predicting the Cooling Load of Educational Facilities
Sen Huang, Wangda Zuo, Michael D. Sohn
A New Polynomial Based Model for Determining Cooling Tower Evaporation Water Loss
Aaron Powers
Simulating Empirically-Determined Plug Loads to Improve Knowledge of Design Loads and Assess Building Performance Improvement Opportunities
Justin Lueker, Annie Marston, Raghuram Sunnam, Oliver Baumann
Modeling and Simulation of a Photonic Radiative Cooling System
Weimin Wang, Nick Fernandez, Srinivas Katipamula
A Framework for Daylighting Optimization in Whole Buildings with OpenStudio
Rob Guglielmetti, Brian Ball
Calculation Methodology for the Advanced Lighting Control Systems (ALCS) Energy Savings Calculator Tool
Mudit Saxena, David Alexander, Gabe Arnold
Sensitivity Study of Annual and Point-In-Time Daylight Performance Metrics: A 24 Space Multi-Year Field Study
Amir Nezamdoost, Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg
Applicability of DGP and DGI for Evaluating Glare in a Brightly Daylit Space
Andrew McNeil, Galen Burrell
Simulation Using in Situ Adaptive Tabulation and Fast Fluid Dynamics
Dan Li, Wei Tian, Wangda Zuo, Michael Wetter
Pollution Transport Through Openings Based on Coupled Indoor and Outdoor Interactions
Chao Ding, Khee Lam
A Comparison of Gaussian Process Regression and Change-Point Regression for the Baseline Model in Industrial Facilities
Joseph Carpenter, Keith Woodbury, Zheng O'Neill
Smart Energy Analysis Calculator - An Interactive Tool for Automating Building Energy Analysis & Expediting Energy Audits
Claudio Tschätsch, Eric Turner, Annie Marston, Avideh Zakhor, Jonathan Lemmond, Oliver Baumann
Agent Based Modeling for Smarter Building Energy Simulation and Energy Efficiency Technology Evaluation
Joshua Bergerson, Ralph Muehleisen, Eric Tatara, Diane Graziano, Nicholson Collier
Energy Efficiency Portfolio Analysis Using LCCA and Uncertainty Analysis
Philip Keuhn, Michael Gartman
Multi-Objective Optimization of Building Envelope, Lighting and HVAC Systems Designs
Weili Xu, Khee Lam, Adrian Chong, Omer Karaguzel
A Parametric Tool for Community-Scale Modeling
Peter Ellis
Towards to the Development of Virtual Testbed for Net Zero Energy Communities
Dong He, Sen Huang, Wangda Zuo, Raymond Kaiser
City Scale Modeling with OpenStudio
Daniel Macumber, Kenny Gruchalla, Nicholas Brunhart-Lupo, Michael Gleason, Julian Abbot-Whitley, Joseph Robertson, Benjamin Polly, Katherine Fleming, Marjorie Schott
Disparate Standards: Comparing Standard Domestic Hot Water Modeling Methods for Multi-Resdential Buildings
Xiangjin Yang, Brian Tysoe
Evaluation of Fan Models for Application to Ecm Fan/Motor Combinations
Dennis O'Neal, Peng Yin, Douglas Ingram
The Impacts of HVAC Downsizing on Thermal Comfort Hours and Energy Consumption
Elvin Ruya, Godfried Augenbroe
Building Efficiency Evaluation and Uncertainty Analysis with DOE's Asset Score Preview
Supriya Goel, Nora Wang, Henry Horsey, Nicholas Long
Incorporating Climate Change Predictions in the Analysis of Weather-Based Uncertainty
Parag Rastogi, Marilyne Andersen
Uncertainty Distributions in Architectural Design Parameters for Detached Houses Located in Bangkok Neighborhoods
Daranee Jareemit, Natthaumporn Inprom, Jaruwan Sukseeda
Developing a Detailed Ruleset for Use in Automating the Performance Rating Method of ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010
Supriya Goel, Michael Rosenberg, Bing Liu, Dimitri Contoyannis, Noah Czech
Model Like a Programmer: Tools and Techniques for Greater Productivity
Michael O'Keefe, Peter Ellis
The Life Cycle of an OpenStudio Measure: Development, Testing, Distribution, and Application
David Goldwasser, Daniel Macumber, Andrew Parker, Edwin Lee, Rob Guglielmetti, Larry Brackney
Using Python and Eppy for a Large National Simulation Study
Jason Glazer
Co-Simulation for Control Design - A Case Study for Cross-Domain Collaboration
Katharina Eder, Edmund Widl, Conrad Gähler, Barbara Beigelböck, Florian Judex
A BIM Workflow for Iterative and Informative Energy Modeling
Ryan Welch, Amy Egerter, Shanta Tucker, Christopher Connock
Leveraging Building Information Models in IFC to Perform Energy Analysis in OpenStudio
Issa Ramaji, John Messner, Robert Leicht
Using Matlab, Diva and Energy Plus to Simulate Electrochromic Windows
Ahoo Malekafzali Ardakanl, Jianxin Hu, Wayne Place
Daylight Glare Analysis for an All Glass Cathedral: Integrating Simulation with Common Sense to Improve Visual Comfort
Chanyang Shin, Greg Collins
Energy Model Validation for Indoor Occupant Heat Stress Analysis
Seth Holmes
Occupant-Aware Energy Management: Simulated Energy Savings Achievable Through Application of Temperature Setpoints Learned Through End-User Feedback
Kyle Konis, Leluo Zhang
The Effect of Balcony Thermal Breaks on Building Thermal and Energy Performance
Irina Susorova, Benjamin Skelton
A Method of Energy Simulation for Dynamic Building Envelopes
Jialiang Wang, Liliana Beltran
Modeling and Simulation of Operational Faults of HVAC Systems Using EnergyPlus
Rongpeng Zhang, Tianzhen Hong
Supervisory Control for Peak Reduction in Commercial Buildings While Maintaining Comfort
Jibonananda Sanyal, James Nutaro, David Fugate, Teja Kuruganti, Mohammed Olama
An Optimization Tool for the Selection of Energy Savings Alternatives in Existing Households: Combining Building Performance, Renewable Energy, and Electric Vehicles
Gustavo Carneiro, Godfried Augenbroe
Comparison of Regression Techiques for Surrogate Models of Building Energy Performance
Arfa Aijazi, Leon Glicksman
Steps Toward Designing a Positive Energy House: Lessons Learnt
Rezaei Amir, Bazkiaei Bazkiaei, Raghuram Sunnam
Data Visualization for Net Zero Site Energy Design Using Solar Panels for Electricity and Hot-Water Heating Systems with Financial Incentives
Marionyt Tyrone Marshall
Operation Diagnostics - Verifying and Validating Simulated Controls for Energy Models
Annie Marston, Raghuram Sunnam, Claudio Tschaetsch, Oliver Baumann
Regression-Based Building Energy Performance Assessment Using Building Information Model (BIM)
Mohammad Asl, Weili Xu, Jin Shang, Barry Tsai, Ian Molloy
Standardizing Energy Modeling Output
Charles Eley
Performance Based Outcomes - A Bookend Approach Project: Stone 34
Michael Frank
A Study of Energy Use in New York City and Leed-Certified Buildings
Cheryl Saldanha, Sean O'Brien
Automated Methods for Improving Energy Model Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Chris Balbach, David Bosworth
Integrating Whole Building Air Leakage Test Data into EnergyPlus Infiltration Models
Edward G. Lyon, Cheryl M. Saldanha
A High-Granularity Approach to Modeling Energy Consumption and Savings Potential in the U.S. Residential Building Stock
Eric Wilson, Craig Christensen, Scott Horowitz, Henry Horsey
Imputation of Missing Values in Building Sensor Data
Adrian Chong, Khee Lam, Weili Xu, Omer Karaguzel, Yunjeong Mo
Office Zone HVAC Energy Calibration from Easily Available Sensor Data
Tomoshi Otsuki, Mitsunobu Yoshida
Estimating Sub-Hourly Solar Radiation and Effective Sky Temperature from Hourly Weather Data
Timothy McDowell, Michaël Kummert
Impact of ASHRAE Standard 169-2013 on Building Energy Codes and Energy Efficiency
Rahul Athalye , Todd Taylor , Bing Liu
Morphing Climate Data to Simulate Building Energy Consumption
Luke Troup , David Fannon
Optimizing the Use of Reduced Weather Sets in Building Energy Simulations
Yu Joe Huang